Changing the Other Payment Options on the Check Out Page of the SuperSite 2

When your Customers visit your SuperSite 2 and order various products, they are presented with the different options by which they can pay you for these products on the final page after purchase. These include online payment via any Payment Gateways you may have setup, or paying from their debit accounts. Additionally, you can also specify other payment options that your Customers can avail, such as Wire/Bank Transfers, Check Payment Details, etc..

To specify and/or update these options in SuperSite 2, you need to modify the text template for the Offline / Other Payment Options page.

Changes for SuperSite 2

  1. Login to your SuperSite 2 Admin Area. See details

  2. Under the My Language SuperSites section, click Manage Site besides the Language SuperSite, where you wish to make these changes.

  3. Under the Edit/Translate Website Content section, click Edit Content.

  4. Click Browse adjacent to the Shopping_process directory and then, click Browse adjacent to the Summary directory.

  5. Look for the file named Offline_payment_option.html, and click Edit adjacent to the file name.

  6. Here, you can modify the basic text content available in one or more textboxes and click the Save Changes button beneath after completing the modification.

The changes you have made will immediately reflect on your SuperSite 2, and the additional payment options you have specified will be presented to your Customers when the Invoice is generated for the Orders they purchase.

  • You will have to repeat the above process, if you have configured multiple languages for your SuperSite 2.

  • If you are not satisfied with the modifications and wish to revert to the earlier setting, simply click Reset to Default from the Edit view.

    Alternatively, if you wish to revert the text modification of a few select textboxes, copy the text from the left hand side to its adjacent textbox and click Save Changes.

  • Apart from modifying the text of this page, you may also modify the presentation of the displayed text. For example, you may want to display this information in a different Font Face or you may want to modify the Size of the Font or display your text in a Table, etc..

  • Apart from settling an Invoice during the purchase flow from your SuperSite 2, your Customers may choose to not pay for the Order(s) immediately, but login later to their Control Panel and settle the Pending Invoice. The above mentioned offline payment instructions should ideally be also be made available within your Customer's Control Panel, should he/she choose to either pay for an Invoice or Add Funds through their Control Panel.